Luxury Brands Not Taking Advantage of Mobile Advertising Techniques

4toMobile media has seen luxury brands take a step back in their mobile advertising techniques, this according to a new study by media monitoring site e-marketer. “Fashion and jewelry brands have been penny-pinching on incorporating rich media into their mobile advertising techniques and are relying on static ads to reach customers,” says Neil Glass, from e-marketer.

It seems reasonable that luxury brands should move away from static ads and engage customers with more forward mobile advertising techniques, but the trend seems to suggest otherwise, and here is where marketers have to take a leap forward and push luxury brands to an advertising landscape more suitable for their marketing goals.

“We have a lot of high-end luxury brands with great brand recognition placing static mobile banner ads to attract the attention of affluent smartphone users. We had that in 2013 and we are seeing it again this year,” says Michale Goldberg, senior director of marketing and communications at Martini Media, New York. ”Giorgio Armani, Tiffany’s, Barney’s, they all looked to boost mobile commerce through outdated mobile advertising techniques. Frankly, these techniques don’t do any justice to luxury brands,” argues Goldberg.

He might have a point. Luxury brands are all about simplicity, elegance and sophistication, and static banner ads with simple calls to action and an unexciting design don’t deliver any kind of brand awareness that matches the huge recognition that these companies have worked so hard to achieve.

“With video and social integration and slick responsive design, high-impact, rich media helps marketers work more closely with the type of communication that luxury brands need so they stand out from the media clutter and reach relevant customers. The ads literally jump off the screen with the beautiful imagery associated with fashion magazines but with sight, sound and motion to boot,” says Goldberg.

And annual reports on shopping trends from the super-rich agree. According to Wealth Insight, a report on how Ultra High Net Worth Consumers spend their money, mobile media hasn’t really seized this lucrative segment of the market.

“The super-rich have no problem spending lots of money when properly motivated, and we don’t see that much engagement between luxury brands and mobile advertising techniques,” says Riccardo Capria, Wealth Insight VP of Communication.

“Digital is a powerful tool for luxury brands and retailers to feel comfortable in mobile platforms, but marketers are having a tough time engaging and making clients feel comfortable. Digital should be interaction-driven above all else. We have to learn how to speak to people that have the purchasing power to buy at Armani, Tiffany’s and Barney’s. Mobile advertising should be seized more,” concludes Capria.

The bottom line is that if a luxury marketer wants to come off as a brand worth exploring on mobile, it should use modern advertising tactics that make it a pioneer on the channel. At the end, it really doesn’t make sense for luxury brands to associate themselves with mobile advertising techniques that are below industry standards of design and customer experience

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