Marketing Strategy – Social Media FAQ from Jewelry Marketers

2doSocial media is an incredibly powerful tool for small businesses’ marketing strategies. To put it bluntly, if you don’t have social media presence you might as well not exist for customers. Besides, from a marketing strategy perspective, there has never been a more direct and price-effective way to reach thousands of customers and expose your company to the online market.

Combined, social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and Google+ have more than 3 billion people, which is approximately half the earth’s population. See why you can’t afford to not have a social media marketing strategy?

Still, a lot of jewelry business owners have understandable questions when it comes to implementing a social mediamarketing strategy and the results they should expect. Whether you are already using social media or have yet to begin the journey, here are the most common questions we receive from our jewelry clients.

My marketing strategy works. Why should I get involved with social media?

Simply put, social media can enhance your marketing plan. Let say the jewelry niche comprehends about 1% of the total social media population. So if your plan is currently working, imagine the increased return you can get with an extra 30 million potential customers visiting your store. That is something right? Also, social media has the potential to drive in new business that you may not have reached otherwise.

OK, let’s say I use Social media. Which platforms should I use?Which Social Media websites should I use?

Currently, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, and YouTube lead as the top Social Media websites. Although there are numerous other Social Media websites available, these major websites bring in the most traffic for retail jewelry stores. Once you have grown accustomed to how social media works, you can always expand to as many websites as you desire.

How much does a social media marketing plan cost?

Social media platform are all free to use. Mainly, the cost involved in social media is found in the time spent to create content, spread it out to your audience, monitor the data and get involved and engage your audience. Also, there are advertising options to promote your brand but they are not super costly.

So how long will I have to work on my social media?

Success will be determined by how much you spend on your social media sites, so this is a very important question. Those who enter into the social media world and expect immediate results have it all wrong, just as much as those who think that social media needs years to yield results. The best way to determine spending time is with a serious social media marketing strategy and a group of professionals. It’s recommended to post at least once a day, every day. It’s also very important not to abandon your social media efforts as customers will surely skip your page if they don’t see content.

Patience is a virtue. Just as your marketing plan needed time and work to yield results, so does your social media strategy.

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