Online Advertising – Etsy Success Story

3er“I was looking for ways to promote my vintage jewelry; maybe creating my own site and then using some online advertising to promote it. Someone had mentioned Etsy but I didn’t really got into it until Sonia Meyer, my jewelry mentor mentioned that she was promoting her own jewelry brand on it with 10,000 people in average looking at her jewelry and raking over $3,000 a month.” This is how Julia Rehner started her own Etsy story, with great revenue and online advertising.

A variety of products can be sold on Etsy, an ecommerce platform focused on vintage items and launched in 2005. Most of them include vintage jewelry, arts supplies, photography, clothing, beauty products and toys. Creating a shop on Etsy is free and each product listing costs $0.20, making it an affordable opportunity for amateur artists to show and sell their products by having a professional site with selling capabilities and great online advertising. Vintage pieces can only be listed if they are a minimum of 20 years old. Each listing will remain on the shop’s page for 4 months, or until someone buys the product.

“Sonia was kind enough to guide me through all the process of choosing my most marketable pieces to put them up. She also helped me creating the best site, with the right templates and content. It really is a great platform to get your name out there and have effective online advertising to your products.”

Like most Etsy success stories, Sonia and Julia followed some basic guidelines to jewelry marketing success. Guidelines that if you study closely can be applied to any other online jewelry business.

-Make your photos near perfect.

-Start socializing with fellow vintage jewelers. There is always someone out there who has made the same mistakes you have and craves for the same kind of success. Creating a community will make brainstorming and solutions come easier, that way everyone can benefit.

-Study previous success stories and try to apply what you think can help in your own store. Analyze pieces, prices, templates and communication.

-Set defined goals for sales. Start with months or if you prepare, set a number of pieces expected to be sold in a certain amount of time. The point is to have a clear objective, that way you can devote your energy to your store and be disciplined with questions and feedback.

“Still, I was intrigued how Sonia could make $3,000 a month on Etsy. Here is what I found.”

-$3,000 a month earning stores were not new. They were listed within the last couple of years and many of the sales were registered within the last 6 months. The moral of the story? It takes time.

-Great product descriptions and explanations. Excellent selling copy, which you can tell is there for a purpose. For example, instead of saying “one of a kind”, say “limited”.

-Sellers acknowledged time frames for production and shipping, and offered variations of the same piece: size, color and metal. Successful sellers were not just offering, they were asking what their buyers really wanted, which showed a real business approach to their jewelry store.

“Etsy can be a real alternative for jewelry experts to sell their own jewelry, but it is advisable to do your homework and see how it can adapt to your specific needs. As with everything, success is possible but it takes time and effort.” Concludes Julia.

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