Online Jewelry Marketing – Pinteresting For Your Business

1erPinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms right now, and a perfect tool to promote your 

Online Jewelry Marketing

plan with attractive galleries, useful tips and pinned products. In addition, with over 70 million current members, 80% of Pinterest users are female, so fashion and


are trend topics. Reason why this social media platform is ideal for jewelry and accessories Online Jewelry Marketing businesses that want to create brand awareness and improve sales.

Still, there are a lot of questions on how to achieve an innovative and trendy online marketing plan in Pinterest. So whether you are already using it or are new to the Pinterest world, here are the most common questions from jewelry marketers regarding this fast-growing social site.

Will Pinterest help my online marketing plan grow?

Yes. The goal of Pinterest is to use images to spark the viewer’s interest and provoke an action, which is to visit your website and purchase. This is why Pinterest has functioned so well for retail stores. Moreover, Pinterest has set up businesses accounts that offer unique features not available for personal pages, like verifying your store’s official website and pin products with backlinks to your business site. In addition, the social media site is experimenting with launch paid advertisement. Business accounts will then have the opportunity to promote their pins to their target audience.

Is there a way to categorize different types of Jewelry in Pinterest?

Yes. You can do this by creating different boards. A board is a way to categorize images in Pinterest, and the site allows you to create as many boards as you want. Having a specific board for a specific product category is also a great way for users to find a certain product they are looking for. For example, you can use one specific board to organize pictures of diamond engagement rings, another one for gemstone jewelry and yet another board for vintage pieces. Pinterest also offers simple ways to rearrange the order of pictures, change cover photos and organize information.

Besides boards and pinning, how can Pinterest help my online marketing business?

Always optimize your boards. When creating one, be sure to file it under the correct category for your business. Title the boards with relevant keywords related to your category and product. Try to connect your PInterest efforts with other social media sites. Pinterest allows you to share your pins with Facebook and twitter. That way, people that see your pins can re-post and/or share your pin.

Also, Use hashtags so more people will find your work. When you add a hashtag to a pin, repin or comment, it creates a live link to a search page. However, try limiting hashtags to one per word, as they can be annoying to the reader.

Remember, most Pinterest users are also shoppers and are more likely buy while on Pinterest than in any other social networking site, so pin away and increase your  Online Jewelry Marketing sales.

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