Dover Jewelry is leader in the jewelry market. With only one physical location, Dover Jewelry sells on a global scale through its website, which needed a constantly expanding catalog and a strong customer base to fulfill their growing sales needs. After running a complete client analysis, we identified the main threats to their organization. The database was one. We applied intuitive framework to their existing data, generating scripts to gather as much usable information as possible from the existing databases. With that information we managed to create a new database without the technical limitations of the old one, meanwhile a team of coders developed a manageable back-end for their website.

After solving the database issues, our coders built the front end interface around the new framework. This process lead us to apply our custom web marketing strategy that adrresed:

Brand services: we created a simple, elegant corporate image

SEO services: we worked with our designers and coders to ensure proper optimization for search engines.

Content development: we developed a product and category description formula that accentuated the overall SEO strategy while guaranteeing keyword rich content and meta data would be present across the site as it was developed.

Social Media Development: We managed to create a real social media audience for the brand in 5 of the most popular social media sites.

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