Kings 1912

King Jewelers is the luxury destination for fine jewelry, Swiss watches, and wholesale diamonds in both Middle Tennessee and South Florida. With brick-and-mortar stores located in Aventura, FL and Nashville, TN, King Jewelers has won numerous regional and national awards of distinction.

Before any optimization of the site could occur, analytical insights into the site’s current performance were required. To gain a better understanding of the website’s performance, MultiMind Group integrated it with Google Analytics. Comprehensive monthly analytical reports sent to the financial services institution revealed an abnormally high bounce rate (the percentage of single-page visits) of 90% for the site. Upon further analysis, it was determined that these visitors were not abandoning the site right away. In order to correct this skewed bounce rate, Kings1912 implemented a tracking method on the online customer account links featured on the tracked portion of the website. This alleviated the high bounce rate and provided a clear picture of how visitors interacted with the financial service’s website.

In order to improve the organic search traffic and lead generation, King Jewelers continued to provide comprehensive web analytics reports every month with actionable recommendations on optimizing the site’s content.