Facebook Showcase for Jewelry

An effective Facebook Showcase can help you reach the right audience, establish direct connections with your clients and help you monitor your social media plan.

It’s a frequent and reasonable question among jewelry business owners:

Can successful social media campaigns in Facebook ever translate into a demonstrable ROI? How?

The first answer is yes. Facebook is the most efficient way to build a robust community around your brand by letting you hear your client’s concerns, amplify their words and stay active in their lives. Once you have a trusted following that relies on your advice and expects your content, the selling process will be immensely easier. Facebook also let’s you tap the unprecedented power of friend networks and create the best social media campaigns for your jewelry business.

The second answer is by creating a strategy that connects with your social marketing goals and utilizes the useful metrics for business owners that Facebook offers. All aimed at turning fans and likes into customers and purchases and creating a long-standing presence in your customer’s consideration.

Our Exclusive Facebook Showcase for Jewelry will:

  • Integrate with your website for an easier shopping experience
  • Get Facebook connect Checkout feature for FREE
  • Speak directly to the right jewelry audience for your business
  • Focus on Activity, Impact and CTR insights to know what is working
  • Track every Facebook activity to show results from Facebook efforts
  • Analyze Facebook fan reach metrics to improve your ROI
  • Drive indirect revenue through leads
  • Receive Facebook Showcase Experts Full Support

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